Pilsko is the second highest hill (1557) of Beskydy mountains. There are some theories to its name. One of them says that there was a document from the 18th century in which one hut is mentioned and called Pielsko according to its owner Piel. Another theory says that the name is derived from the style of cutting (sawing) wood or that the name is connected to drunkenness of local woodsmen who used to meet here.

On top of the hill there is a croos built by people from the village Mutne. At the foot of the hill there is another cros dedicated to remembrance of a soldier Basik who was killed here on the 1st of Septemeber 1939 when the 2nd World War began.

There is a shelter PTTK near hut Miziowa and the main point of tourist routes. From Biela Farma to Pilsko leads the following route:
blueBiela Farma – Pilsko 1527 m